Decks & Timber Structures

Over the years, here at Diversity we have designed and installed scores of fantastic decks & various timber structures – leaving us very well placed to advise & install to fit one to your requirements.

SubframesSubframes; The sub-frame below a deck is pretty much the same for all types of deck-build. Whatever the situation, we use our ‘belt and braces’ ethos to ensure it’s very sturdy and has serious longevity.

With regards to the actual deck-board material, there are two options:

Timber Decks; If natural timber materials are preferred there are a range of material options, from budget choices such as FSC Softwood such as ‘Larch’ or ‘Pine’, to more high-end finishes such as the resilient-softwood ‘Western Red Cedar’, to Hardwoods such as ‘Ipe’.Deck trellis

Composite Decks;
Although natural timbers retain a certain charm, the maintenance & aftercare involved can become a significant problem – especially if the deck area gets little or too much Sun. Of course, timber also rots. If any of these concerns apply then a composite deck material can be a great option. After thorough research into composite options, we found and have extensively used various fantastic materials by ‘Millboard’. In particular, we have found that their ‘Enhanced Grain’ range proves to be a fantastic and realistic replacement for timber boards.

Timber Structure

Timber Structures; With our strong carpentry experience and skills we can install pretty much any timber structure, whether bespoke or pre-fabricated. This includes Arbors, Pergolas, Overhead Beams, Sheds, Outbuildings, Screening Solutions….the list is extensive.


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